Lloyd and Betty Hoetmer have been married for 39 years, have two grown sons, both married, and seven grandchildren. All of the family are integral and committed members of New Life Church, and are actively involved with the ministry.

In October 1989, Betty and Lloyd moved to Rocky Mountain House from Edmonton in response to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Having experienced a radical salvation and infilling of the Holy Spirit, it had become clear to them that God had set them apart to become ministers of the gospel. In obedience to God, they moved to Rocky Mountain House and planted themselves in the work at New Life Church.

Prior to this change in their life, Lloyd and Betty had been through tough times. Life had been difficult and had served to bring them to the point of devastation. In 1980, they lost their first child, a son, stillborn at full term. The following year (1981) their eldest son Jason was born. Tragedy once again struck in 1983, when due to pregnancy complications, their third son (Kyle), had to be delivered by emergency cesarean. Kyle was born with no heartbeat, no pulse, no life, and doctors gave the family no hope for him. They were told that if he lived, he would be in a vegetative state for the rest of his life. In absolute devastation and heart break, Lloyd went home from the hospital and cried out to God. There was no where else to turn.

That night, not knowing what else to do, Lloyd felt led to open a bible. Without knowing where to look, he just opened it and found himself the gospels. Healing scripture after healing scripture was presented before him. He read about miracles, signs and wonders. God then gave him a vision of praying hands in the sky.....and He said “Pray and Believe”. God had heard his cry. Returning to the hospital the next day, Lloyd shared this miraculous event with Betty, and thus began the journey towards hope and belief in a God that could heal.

From a diagnosis of no hope and no life, their son began to improve. Time stood still. Doctors hesitantly began to change their outlook, but they were still convinced that this boy would be handicapped to a great degree. But God had different plans. Truly a miracle had occurred. Born November 26th, Kyle was released from hospital and sent home before Christmas of that year. He continued to grow and thrive and though the medical profession continued to look for handicaps there were none to be found. Today, he is married and has children of his own. He is a minister of the gospel like his father, and recently began the process of planting a new church.

Life was not done however, in throwing tragedy at Lloyd and Betty. In 1986, Betty once again lost a child. A fourth son, still born at full term. This loss completely broke their hearts. Not understanding that God had not done this to them, that He was the author of Life and not death, Betty turned her back on God. She refused to serve a God of this character. Times were hard. Hearts were completely broken. Nothing in their life was easy, and with financial hardship added to the melee, they reached the bottom. They could go no lower.

It was again at that point in their life, that Lloyd cried out to God. In desperation, he took his wife in his arms, and knelt before God and cried out for help. He asked God to intervene in their life. It was a heartfelt prayer, which God heard, and answered. Within six months of that prayer, God brought them to the place of salvation, and in-filling of the Holy Spirit. Together, on the evening of February 11, 1989, Lloyd and Betty gave their hearts to Christ, and submitted their lives to the direction and leading of God.

God brought hope and healing to their hearts. Over time, they have experienced the complete restoration of All things! God restored their life - spirit, soul, and body. Over the years, Lloyd and Betty have served faithfully in the church God has planted them in. Where ever they were asked to serve, they did so with willing hearts, and a desire to be obedient to Christ, and to those in authority over them. Betty has served in the music ministry for 27 years, and now co-pastors alongside her husband who started in the office of Youth Pastor, and Associate Pastor before being promoted to Senior Pastor in 2003. They have a heart for missions, and have travelled several times to Central America and Africa together. Lloyd has also been to India and Russia. Together they serve God in bringing the gospel to the world around them. Together, they serve the local body of New Life Church. Lloyd and Betty strongly believe in the local church and in being a blessing to the community in which they live.